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Admissions: Enrollment, Re-Registration & Fees

Students are accepted to St. Nicholas Primary School on a rolling admission basis throughout the school year depending on the number of open spots in the desired class. We accept all students, citizens and non citizens belonging to all societal backgrounds. Our institution is grounded in Christian values. 


REGISTRATION FORMClick HERE to download a Registration Form.



  • Term Fees - School fees are $3,200.00 TT per term in advance. Tuition is billed three times per school year. Whilst we prefer advance payment of tuition a payment plan may be made available on a case by case basis.
  • Registration Fee - All new students must pay a non refundable registration fee of $500.00. This fee is due when the application is submitted. Please note that students who deregistered and are re-registering are also required to pay registration fee.

 During the school year, there will be additional fees for field trips and extra-curricular activities.

TERM DEPOSITS - All parents/guardians are required to pay a $1000.00 Term Deposit at the end of EACH TERM to secure the student(s) places for the upcoming term. This is NOT an additional fee, but rather a deposit, therefore the balance due at the beginning of each term will be $2,200.00 TT per child.

Uniform: Download here. 


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