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Here at St. Nicholas we have made it our goal to see to it that all students at the school are armed with the tools, guidance and knowledge necessary for a favourable outlook at the end of their primary school life and beyond. We see it as our responsibility to ensure that the students are academically up to and beyond the required standard. The only way that we can do this is to strive to constantly innovate and adapt our teaching methods according to the circumstances at hand. How courses are taught vary according to subject, age group and most importantly student needs. This is our modus operandi when it comes to academics. We recognise that communication and suggestions are very important, from parents and students alike, teacher-student dialogue is always supported and encouraged, so long as it is done in a respectful manner. The parent-teacher relationship is one we believe should be not only cordial, but very interactive and transparent and an excellent avenue for the efficient exchange of information. All of this, of course, in pursuit of Leadership, Progress and Success.


Approach: Thematic Integration to support student learning and mastery.

  1. Basics/Core Studies: English- Spoken Language, Reading, Writing, Spelling, Grammar, Punctuation. Mathematics- numeracy, problem solving, time and measures, shape and space.
  2. Secondary Subjects- Understanding our World: Science, Agricultural Science and Social Studies
  3. Supporting Subjects: Spanish, Art and Craft, Drama and Music
  4. Other: Physical Education, VCCE and HFL
Assessment: Continuous Assessment to include: attitude, student engagement, homework, class work, group activities, topic tests, student portfolio, Weekly and End of Term written assessment.
These are our Teachers/Staff. They supervise both academics and discipline They are ultimately responsible for the performance and discipline levels displayed by the students: 

Mrs. Eulalyn Burris - Std. 5

Mr. Andrew Timram- Std. 4 

Mrs. Rachel James -     Std. 3

Ms. Denise Cooke -                Std. 2

Ms. Samantha Mc Pherson   -   Std. 1

Ms. Jamie Anderson - Infant 2

Ms. Dario Peters -         Infant 1

Mrs. Patricia Alexander - Principal

Ms. Sofian Neptune - Office Asst.

Mrs. Murray-Campbell - Music Teacher 

Mrs. Joy Jackman -   Res. Teacher

Mrs. Melisha Roberts- Res. Teacher

Mrs. Rachel Superville- Art Teacher


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